Our Services

Small Animal Reproductive Assistance

We provide a broad range of services for small animal reproduction including:

  • Progesterone testing – blood is taken with results back a few hours later. The results are monitored closely waiting for the optimum time to take the bitch for natural mating or to perform artificial insemination.
  • Artificial Insemination – fress semen for cases if the bitch will not stand or the stud dog is unable to mount the bitch. The semen is collected from the dog, drown up into a syringe and a catheter is then used to inseminate the bitch immediately.


For more than 15 years Trafalgar Veterinary Centre provided an on track veterinary service until 2010. In addition we continue to provide services to greyhounds including blood testing, x-rays, DNA testing, vaccination, microchipping and full check-ups.

Dr Gee Tawfik has been a member of the Greyhound Veterinary Association for over 25 years.


Acupuncture is a useful complementary treatment to offer animals with chronic or multiple problems and provides an alternative for owners who do not wish to pursue advanced western medical treatment or surgery. Dr Gee Tawfik has been treating animals from dogs to cows using acupuncture for 30 years.

Examples of ailments that may benefit from acupuncture are: arthritis, weakening or paralysis of limbs, skin and ear conditions, gastrointestinal or urinary problems, behaviour changes, deterioration in old age, and pain relief in cases requiring long-term medication.

Veterinary Behavioural Consultations

Love your pet but not it’s behaviour? We can help. Dr Kerrie Piper has over 8 years experience as an animal behavioural specialist. Dr Piper can drastically help improve many behavioural problems with her holistic perspective by collaborating with pet owners to control undesirable behaviour and training problems in both dogs and cats.

Wildlife and Trafalgar Veterinary Center

At Trafalgar Veterinary Centre we donate year to wildlife carers and volunteers to help support them with all the great community work they do.

Phone the clinic first to see if we are open before bringing the wildlife down to us. Unfortunately we are unable to come to the clinic after hours for wildlife cases. If we are closed please ring or visit your nearest wildlife shelter.

We are unable to pick any wildlife up from a location. If you could ensure that the wildlife is placedin a secure box or cage before bringing it to us, this will ensure the safety of the wildlife as well as to humans.

Due to the expense of surgery and treatments, we are unable to treat all wildlife cases. We will treat the case if we can, then send to a carer.

Remember the responsibility of caring for wildlife is a community issue, not just a veterinary responsibility. We will happily accept a small gold coin donation from good Samaritans like you which we pass onto the voluntary carers, who are usually kind members of the community.